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Joe Lamberti - Testimonials

“Thank you for the 7 hours of hypnotherapy.  I feel that I have released the fear of heights that I experienced.  It's been 60 days back on the job and I'm doing well.”

“The service Joe Lamberti C.Ht., provided me is incredible.  He is very professional, has great knowledge of people's tough situations and he relaxed me so much.  I still use two of his techniques for stress relief, but not anywhere near as often since I have total control of myself.  Joe taught me that it is stuff we already know, but don't know how to utilize.  I am very grateful for Joe Lamberti.”
Todd O.

"Since I've met with Joe, my attitude about life has changed for the better.  I've had more confidence in being able to accomplish those challenges I've dealt with for years.  The phone sessions were not only convenient, but a huge help to my well being.  Joe made me feel comfortable and he became someone I very much looked forward to speaking to.  I believe hypnosis has helped me regain control in my life and I thank Joe's phone sessions in helping me accomplish that." 

“Joe Lamberti C.Ht., has assisted me in turning my life in the direction that I really wanted.  He assisted me in overcoming a relationship issue, a fear of spiders (which I found out was very common) and most importantly he assisted me in overcoming my lack of self-esteem, confidence and motivation. Thanks Joe.”

Through hypnosis, Joseph Lamberti helped me access the deepest recesses of my soul and spirit, uncover, and heal seriously submerged repression of guilt, sadness, and very low self-esteem.

Now, all that I have wanted to be - - and have - - has begun to manifest in my life in more ways than I could have imagined, and I see myself in a totally different, healthier light.  I feel reborn and know that growth on every level of my being continues to unfold, even as I write these words. I am forever grateful.
Sincerely, BL

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